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About Maternity Portraits

Welcome and firstly I am so happy you are even considering having this portrait. As a mum, you will find everything you do from birth onwards is 99.9% for everyone else but YOU. I wholely believe having a maternity photoshoot is one of the last things you can do for yourself before you go through years of little to no sleep and the highs and lows of motherhood. I photograph many beautiful newborns and babies and lots of new mums believe this is all you need, but then regret that they didn't capture their beautiful bump. Some may even feel this is perhaps only for the supermodel type. It is categorically NOT. All baby bumps are beautiful, whether they be big, or small, all in the front, all out the sides, stretch marks and that lovely brown line down the middle some of us get oh and our belly buttons disappearing etc... ALL are beautiful and unique to you. You are creating life inside you with the power of an atom bomb! You deserve it!​It is best to do this kind of session when you are around 30-34 weeks.I provide all the dresses and materials that I will then wrap your newborn in to continue the magic through. My job is to make you feel fantastic. Most women come into the studio tentatively shy and are proudly parading around half-naked by the end, leaving my studio feeling like a goddess and the true beauty you are.  I tailor each session to YOU because you are unique, and special and deserve to have someone capture your magic whilst you quite literally create magic inside you. My style varies between the boudoir like to the noir vogue style but ultimately this is for you and if you wish to provide clothes and wear your own of course you can!




Your Photoshoot includes 1 hour in the studio and three digitals

To book in a nonrefundable fee of £99 secures your time. 

Your finished gallery will be shown at your viewing appointment a few weeks later to choose your final package/products. 


You can upgrade to include more digitals or bespoke art pieces at your viewing appointment

All sessions welcome partners & children

You will get to wear some of my beautiful dresses, make use of my collection of materials and I always encourage you to bring in your own clothes too, like a pair of jeans that will not do up anymore (my fav!!) it just really shows how much your belly has grown.

These sessions are a mix of highly posed, boudoir if you are happy to do so, and lifestyle.


 These three styles combined really do show off

YOU the woman

MUMMY to be

BABY bump growing

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