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About Mini Newborn Photography 

Newborn Portraits are ever to special, you have one window to get these portrait, one chance in their lifetime to capture these tiny features as a snap-shoot of moment in both of your lives, whilst most people plan ahead and book in from a twenty week scan and can have their baby's session during baby's first 21 days, Some may have not given much thought to portraits in the haze of baby prepping and only realise how desired these portraits are once holding baby in arms, only to find there isn't any space in the diary for a last minute newborn session. There are also certain religions and beliefs like baby and mum should stay at home for 40 days and of course we have the pandemic with lockdowns causing chaos etc.  This does not mean you have to miss out completely!


I have vast experience with older newborns (I class a older baby as older than 8 weeks), simply because when I started Newborn Baby Photography I made a choice not to turn a baby away just because there were older than 14 days old, so this gave me a great advantage when lockdowns started to happen and faced with a lot of older newborns.


As a newborn photographer, I will hold, soothe and pose your baby gently and safely.  I am not only a mother myself (this alone isn't a qualification for posing newborns!) but I am trained by some of the best trainers in the country in newborn art, to ensure your little ones are moved around safely, keeping a close watch on their breathing, colouring, and temperature.


I am often called a baby whisperer.

It's not magic however it's training!


These portrait sessions are smaller in time and designed for a smaller gallery and smaller package, 


We aim to get you 5-15 portraits from your session depending on the package you wish to purchase.  

Time in the studio is 1.5 hours.



Most newborn sessions start with baby wrapped. This is because it is the fastest method for settling a baby and whilst they are settling, studio time can be used to capture ever so cute portraits of your baby.  It is the simplest method of posing baby in props and colour changing to give you variety for your finished gallery. When a newborn baby is wrapped it acts like muscle memory for them, they are limited in how easily their arms and legs can flail stopping baby from the startle reflex, for them its is just like being back in mummy's womb. Safe, warm and secure. This method enables me to get you six to ten beautiful portraits of your baby.  I tend to stick to real neutral colours for these sessions 

newborn baby photographer in hertfordshire


To book in a newborn session simply get in contact below.  I only book a maximum of 10 clients a month (across all photoshoot types) this is to make sure I have time in the diary to ensure I can  photograph your newborn baby within their first two weeks ideally.  Newborn and maternity is what I specialise in although most clients come back to me over babies first year for a sitter session and first birthday cakesmash portraits.

newborn baby photographer in hertfordshire
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