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Affordable Newborn Photography Alternative?


These smaller sessions are for baby to come in and be posed wrapped. The benefit of this is baby doesn't need to be asleep so the sessions are shorter in time, whilst it's easier if they are asleep, it's not a key criteria. As most babies feel a sense of security and comfort once they settle into a wrap they tend to be quite comfortable and are easily moved about safely.


These sessions are not for the highly posed portraits. A wrap is because it is the fastest method for settling a baby and whilst they are settling, studio time can be used to capture ever-so-cute portraits of your baby.  It is the simplest method of posing baby in props and colour changing to give you variety for your finished gallery.


 When a newborn baby is wrapped it acts like muscle memory for them, they are limited in how easily their arms and legs can flail stopping the baby from the startle reflex, for them, it is just like being back in a mummy's womb. Safe, warm, and secure.


I am often called a baby whisperer.

It's not magic however it's training!

In a wrapped newborn photoshoot session I am able to move baby between props and change wraps and colours, can capture the little details like hands, feet and macro details like eyelashes, hair curls, nose and mouth. With baby being wrapped it is easier to move to parent portraits. Whilst these are not included in this session, if we have time at the end, I will always get at least one portrait, particularly with mum!

I have proved these sessions as all inclusive with no additional spend required. You can add on 1-2 poses which add on the extra time we would need. Whilst I aim to capture the portraits you will have already paid for, I also capture enough for a small package so this gives you the option to upgrade if you want to.

After your session we will have a viewing where you will choose your 3-5 portraits included and have the poportunoty to upgrade if you want.

The aim of these little smaller sessions is to keep newborn photography accessible for all!

To book in simple pop onto the booking in page, select the wrapped newborn session!

Looking forward to meeting you and your baby soon.

Olivia x

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